Armor Double-Wall Glass Teapot, 500ml April 25, 2010

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ARMOR Multi-function Teapot–LY610-5


This glass teapot is heat resistant and made with  borosilicate glass, adopting a low-expanding coefficient technology.


The double wall structure help you to keep the tea inside hot or keep the iced tea cool. Besides, it will not burn your hand when filled with boiling water.


It has a stainless strainer, which keeps the tea leaves from pouring out.


100% hand made. Enjoy drinking tea with it!







Capacity: 500/ml, 16.9oz


Length: 175mm

Width: 120mm

Height: 115mm


Weight: 570g


Material:  borosilicate glass and stainless steel.










Safety Instructions



1. The instant bearing of temperature difference is: -20C~150C

2. Please do not put it into microwave oven.

3. Please do not put onto open fire device-gas stove etc.

3. Clean the teapot with neutrality detergent when the first time to use (suggested).

4. Hand wash is the best.



Packing Includes



1X 500ml Teapot

1X Stainless Strainer





Product Certification:



European Union (E.U) 2005/31/EC TEST REPORT


US California Proposition 65 TEST REPORT


US FDA 7117.06 & 7117.07 TEST REPORT



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