Rosemary May 8, 2010

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Rosemary Leaf, cut and sifted


Chinese Name: Mi Die Xiang

Botanical Name: Rosmarinus officinalis. Romero, and Dew of the Sea. 


The name rosemary has nothing to do with the rose or the name Mary, but derives from the Latin name rosmarinus, which is from "dew" (ros) and "sea" (marinus), or "dew of the sea" — apparently because it is frequently found growing near the sea.




Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a woody, perennial herb with fragrant evergreen needle-like leaves. It is native to the Mediterranean region. It is a member of the mint family Lamiaceae, which also includes many other herbs.


Chances are you’ve eaten rosemary before. It’s a common culinary herb in Mediterranean and Italian cooking. However, it’s also been used as a good luck charm as well as an herbal medicine.

Rosemary is thought to help improve memory function. It’s also used as a tonic.

Reserach has shown that rosemary does have anti-inflammatory properties as well as working well as a stimulant. These properties make it great for treating skin conditions and other ailments.






Rosemary tea has been used for hundreds of years to improve memory. Rosemary tea, made of the plant’s leaf, contains rosmarinic acid and many other antioxidants that have been reported to prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that preserves brain tissues.

Drinking rosemary tea benefits the digestive tract and can help those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. It stimulates the release of bile to help digest fats, thus relieving intestinal cramps and spasms. It also helps in relieving indigestion, flatulence, and bloating.


Other benefits of drinking rosemary tea include helping in the following: menstrual cramps, amenorrhea, arthritis, headaches, fever.


Women who have heavy periods should avoid excessive use of rosemary, since it stimulate menstrual flow. The herb should not be used medicinally during pregnancy. Small amounts of rosemary used in cooking, however, are safe for pregnant women and for women who have heavy periods.



As a herbal tea, Rosemary can be used to treat various symptoms including:


Fights headaches and fever.

Help treat epilepsy.

Counters poor circulation.

Fight rheumatism

Improve memory









Rosemary Tea


Place 1-2 tsp of rosemary leaves in a teapot and add boiling water (around 500mL).

Let it infuse for around 3-5 minutes.

Add lemon or honey according to personal preference.






Once a bag of herbals or flowers is opened, The herbals could be kept in ambient and dry conditions such as in the living room, the study or the office, but it must be completely away from light, moisture, smell and heat.


An airtight container or a vacuum tank is an ideal storage solution.



Sealed Clips are also a good choice for opened packaging bags.




The quality of the herbals lasts longer if they are kept in the fridge. But please make sure the package is sealed and cover with a box to insulate from temperature change.


In addition, if the bag is taken in and out from the fridge very often, this will cause heat stress to the herbals as temperature is increased and decreased very frequently. Air will be drawn from outside and condensation will occur.



That is why we packed our herbals into small sealed packaging bags instead of large bags or boxes. You could open a small bag of the herbal and enjoy its freshness while the other bags are sealed and well kept in the fridge.








Many alternative medicine health care providers feel that using certain herbal teas during pregnancy is a great way to support optimal pregnancy health. Herbal teas can often provide an additional source of nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and iron.


However, due to the lack of studies on most herbs, the FDA encourages caution when consuming herbal teas during pregnancy.


It is always best to talk with a qualified medical professional about any herbal teas that you are interested in drinking.


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