Pu-erh Mini Zhuan Cha-Brick Tea Ripe/Cooked Pu-erh Tea Blended with Chrysanthemum Flower May 30, 2010

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Pu-erh Mini Zhuan Cha-Brick Tea



Pu-erh Tea Blended with Chrysanthemum Flower



25pcs Per Bamboo Basket















Health Benefits



Health Benefits of Chrysanthemum Flower


Chrysanthemum is classified as a cool, acrid herb which is good for relieving heat of the upper body-i.e. head and chest, being especially helpful for red, itchy eyes. It enters the Lung Meridian.


Chrysanthemum tea is a high class drink. It has been revered by generations of Chinese and Oriental peoples.

It is a nerve energizer, detoxifier and blood vessel softener in Chinese medicine to maintain healthy cholesterol level, normal blood pressure, improve blood flow. Used to "sharpen the vision and hearing, calm the nerves and clear the brain", it remains one of the most important supplementary food items and longevity elixir in China. It is an ideal beverage for cold and flu season, and for general health.


Modern analysis shows that chrysanthemum contains choline, vitamin A, B1, glycosides, adenine, amino acids, flavonoid, volatile oil, etc. It is said to have inhibiting effect on bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus hemolyticus B, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Shigella dysenteriae, tubercle bacillus and dermatomycosis. It may have antivirus and antispirochete qualities, enhance capillary resistance, and it is used in Chinese traditional medicine to help cure high blood pressure, heart colic, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis and high cholesterol, relieve congestion, palpitation, short breath, dizziness, migraine headache, cold, flu, etc,. Regular use is believed to " lead to energetic body, better vision and hearing, alert brain and longevity".


Herbalist doctor’s viewpoint


Chrysanthemum Flower Chinese Tea

A Refreshing Drink to Help Clear the Head and Strengthen the Lungs.


The following are the health benefits attributed to chrysanthemum tea:

Chrysanthemum Tea may help lower blood pressure and consequently also help in the treatment of other related ailments, i.e. angina and other heart problems.

Chrysanthemum Tea may help relieve headaches.

Chrysanthemum Tea may help in the treatment of colds, fever and the flu.

Chrysanthemum Tea may help in the treatment of tinnitus.

Chrysanthemum Tea may help in the treatment of such skin problems as acne, boils and sores.

Chrysanthemum Tea is believed to contribute to clear vision.

Chrysanthemum Tea may help in the alleviation of dizziness.

Chrysanthemum Tea is believed to contribute to alertness.





Herbalist doctor’s viewpoint


Efficacious for treating Yin deficiency, nourishing kidney, regulating endocrine, taking good caring of the liver and stomach, letting out toxin and nourishing ones looks.



1) osmanthus contains palmitic acid, lauric acid, acid meat, beans, sweet-scented osmanthus alcohol, phellandrene. ionone and linalool and other aromatic hydrocarbons.


2) Skin whitening, removal of toxic and communications wait.


3) Relieve tension, regular consumption, physical and mental purification, balance the nervous system. reach refreshing role.


4) Increase appetite and effects



Health Benefits of Pu-erh Tea


In China Pu Erh Tea is considered as a health-elixir, which has a beneficial functioning with several health problems such as aiding weightloss efforts,  reduce blood cholesterol.  It is also widely believed in Chinese cultures to counteract the unpleasant effects of heavy alcohol consumption.


The Health Benefits Including:


losing weight

cutting grease

preventing arteriosclerosis

prevention of heart disease

reducing high blood pressure



diabetic control

reducing inflammation

reducing various poisons


exciting the central nervous system

treating diuresis

improving eyesight

improving digesting

extracting poison from the body


preventing constipation

sobering up


Kill the "3H"


Pu-erh tea is a great fat busting weight loss product.

Take a cup of pu erh tea after meal will stimulate your metabolism and fast the burning of body fat, it was called "the king of burning fat". Many clinical test have proven that keep drinking pu erh tea will reduce the blood cholesterol up to 30%, it is the most effective natural product for people who is suffering from high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and high blood sugar.


We recommend you drink pu-erh tea three times a day after meals for three months and watch the weight drop off. After three months, drinking just one cup per day will help maintain your weight loss.


To loss weight quickly: Follow above instruction and take one cup of pu erh tea on an empty stomach in the morning.


To stop too much fat being absorbed after a feast, drink a cup of pu erh tea within 30 minutes.



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