Glass gaiwan June 2, 2010

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Glass tea infuser mug


A high quality hand blown gaiwan with excellent shape and good lid fit.

This gaiwan is made of heat-tempered glass and is because it is glass and thin-walled it heats up fast and is especially good for brewing Pu-erhs and Oolongs.







Product Size: L9.5 W9.5 H8.5 (CM)


Capacity: 160ML


Expansion coefficient: 3.3


Instantaneous temperature: -20 to 150


Material: High borosilicate glass. Green material.











Packing Includes



1X 160ml Gai Wan

1X Glass Cup Sauser





Product Certification:



European Union (E.U) 2005/31/EC TEST REPORT


US California Proposition 65 TEST REPORT


US FDA 7117.06 & 7117.07 TEST REPORT



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