Glass tea infuser mug June 2, 2010

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Glass tea infuser mug


This glass mug is composed of Borosilicate glass which tends to be stronger and more heat resistant than conventional glassware, yet appears more delicate (although durable) with an air of sophistication.

Glass is the ideal material to enjoy the color and clarity of a fine cup of tea.  Allow you to better view the tea leaves dancing in your cup as they infuse.


You can steep tea completely in this mug, then simply remove the infuser to enjoy your hot tea.


It is very easy to use:

Place the steeper basket in the cup, add the tea, the hot water, and then the cover.

Watch your tea leaves unfold and steep perfectly.

As soon as your tea reaches the desired color, you can place the cover upside down and use it as a trivet to hold your steeper while you enjoy your tea.


Enjoy having the comfort and assurance of good quality loose leaf tea wherever you are.

Either on the move or at work, enjoy the benefits of premium whole leaf tea with this sturdy, portable glass mug with removable infuser .











Product Size: L12.5 W9.5 H12.5 (CM)


Capacity: 300ML


Expansion coefficient: 3.3


Instantaneous temperature: -20 to 150


Material: High borosilicate glass. Green material.










Safety Instructions



1. The tea mug can withstand -20 to 150 degrees instant temperature difference 

2. The tea mug have strong resistance to acid, alkali and other chemicals.

3. Can be placed directly into the microwave oven.

4. Removed the infuser after the tea ready and you won’t be bothered with the tea leaves.

5. No odor after cleaning.

6. Well structured pot lid will not drop off when pouring.



1. Be careful when you remove the lid and internal glass infuser as they get very hot while steeping the tea.

2. If the tea grounds seeped through the slits of the infuser, please fill the infuser with 3/4 clean water, cover the upper rim, then shake off the seeped pieces.




Packing Includes



1X 300ml Tea cup with Glass Strainer




Product Certification:



European Union (E.U) 2005/31/EC TEST REPORT


US California Proposition 65 TEST REPORT


US FDA 7117.06 & 7117.07 TEST REPORT



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