yellow June 2, 2010

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Porcelain Mug with Stainless Steel Strainer—Colorful Rainbow Series—E-UA004-U3-B



This will definitely be your cup of tea: rich tasting tea made from tea leaves, not bags, with an infuser that’s not only super easy to use but also to clean.

Each and every single cup of tea deserves to be brewed the right way – with swirling tea leaves as you yo yo the infuser up and down to brew the tea.

Mug and stainless steel Infuser can be cleaned in the dishwasher together making it the ultimate everyday tea maker.


The specially designed PES lid could support the stainless steel infuser, waste water from the infuser is collected in the lid.


There are six different colors available.








Height: 120mm

Width: 100mm

Height: 85mm


Capacity: 420 ml (14.2 fl oz)


Weight: 410g










Packing Includes



1X 420ml Porcelain Mug

1X Stainless Steel Strainer

1X PES Lid



Product Certification:



European Union (E.U) 2005/31/EC TEST REPORT


US California Proposition 65 TEST REPORT


US FDA 7117.06 & 7117.07 TEST REPORT



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